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Being a Day Student

Buckswood School is the number one choice of school for many of the local families. We offer families the holistic approach to learning, creating a safe and secure environment so scholars are not afraid to push outside their comfort zone and try something new.


There is always someone there to pick them up when it goes wrong and pat you on the back when things go right. It is better to have tried and failed, then failing to try. “Everyone falls downs, it’s when you get back up you learn to walk”- Walt Disney


Unlike other schools we put time into your child, investing in them emotionally to ensure their best is brought out. We are not afraid to say ‘no’, as we understand that is it our job to guide and teach students self-discipline and respect. Eat your salad and then you can have your chocolate cake.


Making Friends all over the World

Our unique DNA of over 48 different nationalities in itself educates a child, teaching tolerance and an appreciation of cultures, widening their horizons to the global community. Your address book will quickly fill with an array of friends from all over the world. Once your school career comes to an end, you leave with a network full of connections world-wide giving you that golden edge to be one step ahead of the competition.



The structure, discipline and routine of school life at Buckswood necessitates a self-discipline and respect that every teenager needs to help focus the young mind on academic progress. The junior school explores the whole curriculum, laying the foundations, including 3 languages and a variety of trips and activities to bring learning to life. GCSE leads to a maturity to studies and personal lives, with exam preparation and academic support leading up to GCSE and iGCSEs. And finally onto the two pathways at sixth form, the IB or A Levels, where on top of the academics we provide a lot of preparation for university and career paths.


Access time

This is a fairly unique concept to a school. This is daily access to your tutors to sit down in a small group or a one to one basis to focus on a particular topic of study that is either challenging you or fascinating you. Or both! It will enhance your learning and develop your independent thinking skills, a priceless talent in this fast paced, competitive world.



Whilst this initially may not sound like the most exhilarating part of your day, it is actually quite a cunning use of time. Imagine completing your daily homework in a quiet environment alongside your tutor, with no distractions that will leave you with a free evening to spend with the family or to pursue a more adrenalin fuelled pass time such a favourite sport.


Grabbing an opportunity

In the busy day to day life of Buckswood, there is always an event or function of some sort being organised. This may take the form of a large scale community project or an onsite workshop or ambassador to a visiting guest.

Getting involved and volunteering to be part of the Buckswood team organising the event is just one simple way of building your self-confidence and organisation skills, all the while working alongside people you may not have daily contact with. A smart way to broaden your skill set and prepare for life after Buckswood!


Clubs and Activities

Most schools value their students by their abilities to pass exams, judging them on a narrow scale that they will never be assessed on in adult life. At Buckswood, we do not recognize the concept of the ‘average’ for everyone is different and we know that everyone is good at something, and we endeavour to find that something. We want our students to have a zeal for life, have passions and not be afraid to try something new. At Buckswood there are no after-school clubs because there is no such thing as “after-school.” Schooling and learning go on until bed time – and students are encouraged to seek enrichment through their whole lives. On Wednesday afternoons, we have put aside an hour to ensure all student have the opportunity to try a range of activities from our rich and rewarding program.


Duke of Edinburgh

The DofE program at Buckswood is long standing and carries an enviable reputation. It is a rite of passage for any budding adventurist once they reach the age of 14. Working through a series of awards from Bronze up to Gold, scholars will plan and complete increasingly challenging tasks that will demand tremendous physical and mental efficiency.


Each award is made up the completion of four categories (five for gold) including volunteering, physical, skills, expedition and for Gold, a Residential. Along the way, you will pick up experiences, friends and talents that will stay with you for the rest of your life. To find out more, send an email to the Admissions team at future@buckswood.co.uk



When our students join the Sixth Form, clubs give way to societies, as we begin to prepare them for the adult world and identify their career paths. The focus of the societies is career based; this allows students to learn in more depth about their proposed university course & career. As part of their articles of association, each society invite two speakers per year,  organize a trip per term, produce a project with tangible outcome per term, write a report per term for the society magazine, connect with a university, research work experience contacts, run an academic school promo/expo per year and mentor the Juniors.



The school has three school fraternities and everyone must support one. The XII Club is home to all former prefects and the club upholds all school customs and traditions, including our annual special occasions. The Debating Society seeks to promote communication and understanding in line with the school mantra “I have no enemies I deal in dialogue”. Charity is the third important cornerstone in the workings of the school. Giving is more important than receiving, and all Buckswood students get involved in some form of charitable work.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams