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Life After Form 3

Life in the Junior School is very much a transitional period under the watchful guidance and tutelage of its head. Life in Forms IV and V becomes a little tougher academically because of the immediacy of public exams, in the form of the UK’s first set of common benchmark tests- GCSE’s. Every student sits a number of subjects including Maths, English and Science and selects from a broad range of subjects to suit their talents – for example, there are different language options, art, media studies, computing, drama and business studies.


The demands of the curriculum increase into Form V with the volume of work expected and indeed with the quality now wanted from exam boards and teachers. All Buckswood students should be aiming for the highest grades as possible. At Buckswood, we have developed a system of personalised learning support which enables scholars to reach their potential. These include elements such as Access Time when scholars can get extra help from subject tutors, the VLE where scholars can access classroom learning aides and extra subject reading as well as our Personal Educational Needs team who can provide 1:1 intervention where needed. 


As students move through form 3 they are prepared academically for the challenges ahead, given advice by their teachers and form tutor on what options to select and also given good pastoral guidance from the pastoral team.


The whole range of extra-curricular activities available to the junior school remain available to students as they move on into form 4 and beyond.