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Junior School Subjects

The curriculum in the Junior School is a vast journey of discovery that spans both time and space. With Chinese, French and Spanish on the timetable, as well as humanities, sports and the core subjects; the Junior School curriculum is designed with exploration in mind. The vast Buckswood campus is an ideal resource to be utilised across the curriculum and weekly visits to the Woodland Activity Centre promotes a healthy mind and a healthy body for every Buckswood Junior.  

 What will you study?

 Form 1 Form 2 Form 3
 English English English
Maths (One of which is Functional Maths) Maths Maths (One of which is Functional Maths)
 Science Science Science
 Geography Geography Geography
 History History History
Computing Computing Computing
 Art  Art  Art
 Music Music Current Affairs
 French French French
 Spanish Spanish Spanish
 Chinese Spanish Spanish
 Current Affairs Current Affairs Business Studies
 Sport Sport Sport
 Theatre Studies  Theatre Studies  Theatre Studies