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Junior Boarding

The prospect of living away from home can be a daunting one. For our international boarders, the process often begins with a flight and transfer on their own. With years of experience, the staff at Buckswood are on hand, both day and night for our boarders and their families to make sure everyone is cared for and as comfortable as possible.


Once a new boarder has settled in, they soon discover that living and learning with your friends is fantastic, and with the Buckswood evening and weekend activity programme, half-term trips and house competitions our boarders can’t wait for the start of term!


Rooms in the boarding houses are mostly en-suite and range from quad rooms (loved by junior boarders), to triple, double and single rooms which allow the older boarders to concentrate on their studies. Boarders share rooms with students from all over the world (but not their own country) so that English is spoken at all times, assisting rapid language progression. The houses are a mix of junior and senior boarders, and the senior boarders are great mentors for the younger or newer Buckswoodians who may need help with tying a bow tie or finding their way to BHS (Buckswood Health Service) where the qualified nurses and health staff are on hand to support house mistresses and masters with looking after everyone.


  • 8 boarding houses
  • Double, triple and quad rooms for Junior boarders
  • Each Junior boarder has a Senior boarder buddy called an ‘Argonaut’
  • Two members of house staff per house
  • On-site health centre with RGN staff
  • On-site leisure facilities including leisure swimming pools, full professional gym and sports pitches
  • Full evening and weekend activity programme
  • Complete travel service for unaccompanied minors or nervous travellers