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A message from the Head of Juniors- Mr Sean Cassidy

The junior school is home to one hundred and twenty boys and girls between the ages of ten and fourteen. It is in this department that the long preparation for university entrance truly begins, and consequently the students are offered a wide and varied curriculum that aims to develop their mathematical, scientific, cultural, sporting, linguistic and organisational skills.


I have worked in the independent education sector at the highest level for many years. During this time I have served as a headmaster, a school governor and trustee of a number of schools, and I have been called upon over the years to advise other independent educational establishments, both established concerns and those in their infancy.


My qualifications include of a Master of Arts (MA) degree in education, the Certificate in Education (Cert. Ed.), awarded by London University, and I am both an Associate (ACP) and a Fellow (FCollP) of the College of Preceptors (now the College of Teachers).


As a former elected London borough councillor, I sat on a range of education committees and school governing bodies, and my experience as a freelance journalist includes articles and features on a range of school-related issues for publications including the London Evening Standard.


I consider myself a traditionalist at heart, and by that I mean that I am an advocate of the tried and tested methodologies of yesteryear, including a supporter of regular mental arithmetic tests, weekly spelling tests and handwriting practice. I am fastidious about good manners, social decorum and personal presentation, I seek to inculcate in my students a sense of fair play, a good work ethic, and a passion for achievement – never forgetting, of course that a good sense of humour assists in keeping a sense of proportion when life gets tough.


As a published writer with a number of books under my belt, I seek to promote the creative literary skills of my students, and consequently I have encouraged many young men and women to participate in the Buckswood Young Authors Club, which seeks to guide those students who aim to publish their own books and novels.


I want to pass on to my colleagues in the senior school, students who are numerate, literate and independent thinkers, brimming in confidence, and with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and new educational experience. Above all, I seek to ensure that my junior school students are equipped with the basic skills and good practice upon which to build, as they move towards a whole spectrum of public examinations leading to university entrance.