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Sixth Form Trip to Georgia

The Buckswood Senior prefects were invited to Buckswood Georgia by the Director, Sandro and Headteacher, Archile for a diplomatic exchange of cultural ideas mission and to experience the life and culture in our sister school in Tbilisi.


(Diplomacy nearly went out of the window on day 1 as the Head of School was detained at the border post for not having the correct paper work., nevertheless the good old adage it is not ‘what you know it is who you know’ on these occasions helped smooth over the potential disaster – thank you Mr President and Chief of Police (Buckswood Parent) for coming to our rescue at 1am in the morning!)


It was an intense weekend. We were hosted superbly by Mr xxxx who ensured that we were shown around the world famous Brandy factory, we watched Georgia and Russia play in rugby (Georgia won) and the students relaxed in the famous Georgian hot spring bath houses and to top it all we were honoured to have a private audience with both the President and the Patriarch. Sandro, Archile – thank you.

Georgia Trip Video

Georgia Trip Video