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Half Term Adventure to Rome

June 1, 2019 9:36 am

Sunday 25th April saw some Buckswoodians depart on their half term adventure to Rome. Having a late departure they arrived into Rome at 12:20am, however, with all students in good spirits they arrived to the hotel safely.

Monday brought a day of history and culture, a 30 minute walk taking in the sites and sounds leading to the magnificent Colosseum. Giving a tour and detailing the rich history regarding Gladiators, the students were informed they would be attending a gladiator school the following day.

On Tuesday, students were taken back in time and trained to be a gladiator, learning first in the gladiator museum regarding day to day life of a gladiator and their road for glory and freedom. “After an hour and a half of learning the techniques used and we started our battles. Alexa Trevino became the lead supreme and won every battle.” Mr Fitchett, Rowling House Master added.

After two active days taking in the history and sights, it was time for a little down time for the students, meaning shopping in the city centre! Well rested, on Thursday the group visited the intriguing Catacombs, leading onto their final day in the Vatican, visiting the Museum and Sistine chapels were highlights for the students.

“Amongst all the historical sightseeing and shopping, we also visited the splashing Trevi fountain, where some of us followed the tradition of throwing in some coins for Good luck and Fortune, and of course lots of posing for photos. We got to taste the foods for what Italy is famous for, and I must say, I’ll be happy if I don’t eat another pizza and pasta for a while” Added Miss Saranti.

“The students loved every minute especially Miss Saranti’s Happy birthday song and dance she performed whilst at Dinner one evening.” Added Mr Fitchett.

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