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The Buckswood Difference

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Weekly Reports

Keeping Track of Progress


The VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)

Our teachers are encouraged to make the most of the Smartboard technology in our classrooms. Once a lesson has been completed, the lesson, along with any notes are uploaded to our VLE. Students can then recap the lesson whenever they want to, wherever they are in the world. Our department pages are filled with lots of extras such as further suggested reading and homework tasks.


Access Time

Every night we run academic sessions in every subject where our students can go to get extra help from the subject tutor. If they are looking for extra support, help with recapping a concept or want further areas of study, these sessions are free to attend and open to all students.


Weekly Reports

Every child is different and no two children learn in the same way. So how do we ensure that every child is making good progress and moving along the journey to academic success? At Buckswood we build a ‘scaffold’ around each student, because we believe that if there is ever an issue that will affect a child’s progress, then the quicker we put it right the better! Our weekly reports allow for issues to be identified and put right quickly. Parents and students can access the reports which also details aspects of school life such as attendance, sanctions and rewards.


Keeping Track of Progress

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”, but how do we know how far along our own journey to greatness we are? Well at Buckswood, the journey is marked out by milestones and once these are reached, they are recognised and celebrated accordingly!



A commendation is an award that recognises hard work or achievement. At Buckswood we value talent where it lies and so a commendation could be awarded for activities such as outstanding service to the community or charitable works not just great performance in the classroom. There are three types of commendation you can achieve.

The Badge System

When a child becomes a Buckswoodian they are given a red school badge to wear on their blazer. Points are awarded for various achievements such as school colours, going to access time, good manners, assembly performances or a top 5 effort score. However, points can be deducted for behaviour such as poor manners, extra work or a Manager’s Detention. A student can progress through red, sliver to the gold standard and our gold badge wearers serve as aspirational mentors for others to follow. The rewards for being a gold badge wearer include special events and privileges.


Passport to Success

Rewards are recorded in a student’s passport to success, a little red book that accompanies a student everywhere. A student can earn house points for their house by various means, all explained in their passport to success. Every Friday, a students’ house points from the week are recorded and exceptional performance is recognised with a commendation in assembly and the total points for each house are calculated for the awarding of the house cup.


The Buckswood Person

A Buckswood education seeks to develop the whole child, so keeping track of a child’s development and encouraging students to be mindful of their behaviour and progress is important. Every week the boarders fill in ‘The Buckswood Person’ as part of their evaluation of the successful planning of the weekend and looking ahead to the upcoming week. By taking stock of where we are on a weekly basis allows us all to build up an overall picture of a student’s development.


Student Handbook

For more information take a look in our student handbook.