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Here at Buckswood we offer a variety of mathematics qualifications suited to the students’ needs and ability. We can offer advice on appropriate courses for university entry including advice and tuition on STEP Examinations (Entry Examinations for the top UK Universities). Our qualifications include;


  • IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education sat at age 16 years)
  •  AS (Advanced Subsidiary sat at age 17 years)
  •  AS Further Mathematics (Advanced subsidiary Further Mathematics sat at age 17)
  •  A Level (Advanced Level sat at age 18)
  •  A Level Further Mathematics (Advanced Level Further Mathematics sat at age 18)
  •  IB Studies (International Baccalaureate Studies Level sat at age 18)
  •  IB Standard Level (International Baccalaureate Standard Level sat at age 18)


All our courses are examined by Pearson (Edexcel) or the International Baccalaureate Foundation. Students joining us in form one will build on their knowledge in preparation for their IGCSE studies which begin in form three. The IGCSE offers a solid basis for students wishing to progress to AS & A levels in the sixth form. The mathematics experience at Buckswood is designed to offer the student an opportunity to explore new concepts and extend their thinking. For those students considering university in European countries we have the IB course which includes a student investigation into some aspect of mathematics which interests them personally.


Each year all students participate in the United Kingdom Mathematics Challenge. We invite in the ‘Maths Puzzle Company’ to give our junior students practical experience of mathematical problem solving and at the same time have some fun. Students are offered the chance to attend lectures given by popular mathematicians, a popular event with sixth form students. In the warmer months students can be found around the campus measuring buildings and making scale drawings and models, counting insects and videoing football matches to use in statistical investigations. Students are invited to design a new classroom block for the mathematics faculty and much more.