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Flipping for success at Buckswood for Shrove Tuesday

March 5, 2019 4:58 pm

Students put their aprons and hats on as they compete for ‘flipping points’ in a pancake race for Shrove Tuesday!

Buckswood students have been preparing for the annual pancake race in teams to represent each of their boarding houses, competing for points awarded to their house. The stakes are high with some pizza on offer too and the student’s competitive streaks were on display.

House Mistress Carol organised the event for the students to take part in “Each boarding house was represented with 6 participants. It was great to see our students learning, but of course having fun at the same time. Lots of pancakes were eaten following the event having been cooked in our new kitchen facility “added Carol.

“At Buckswood we celebrate all cultures and traditions, a few weeks ago we celebrated the Chinese New Year and now it’s time for Shrove Tuesday! It’s great to share traditions like this and show our culture, we like to make a great deal of national days from around the globe as it’s a great experience and learning tool for the students” added another staff member.

The rules were as follows… a hat and apron must be worn, there are 6 members per team, the hats must be exchanged before proceeding, if a pancake is dropped they must return to the previous flipping point, and the race will begin after the first participants have flipped their pancakes twice!

The race took place on Buckswood campus during students prep time after lessons on Tuesday, running to the finish line in first place for her team was Janika, she was greatly pleased to win points for Oaks House and it ended the day in high spirits for all students and staff!

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