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Buckswood to Take On Hastings Music Festival

March 4, 2019 1:32 pm

The Hastings Music Festival is nearly here and the Buckswood Music Department have been working their socks off!

Over the half term, while most Buckswood students were away on trips to Hong Kong, Italy and Edinburgh, students entering the competition gave up their time to come into school to practice for their performances. With the festival starting on the 3rd March, the students will be kicking off on the 7th starting with categories in Piano and our iconic pipe band will be representing our Scottish roots in World Music.

The students and staff at Buckswood have been working toward the Hastings Music Festival for months and aim to get students talents recognised in public, they are encouraged to perform on stage and to visitors at any opportunity. Recently Buckswood have had a visit from Chinese schools to share the international ethos of the school, this event really showed that students may not be able to speak the same language but they could share their passion for music and performance. Buckswood Pianists and Pipe band prepared a performance and showed them the traditions at Buckswood, which was then shared as the visitors performed a song on stage to our student body.

Alongside performances, students have had intensive lessons from experienced teachers preparing them for the festival in March. This is not only to boost their musical skills but their overall skillset to perform, building confidence, dealing with competition and targeting their goals.

“The students have been driven to give their best performance this year in the festival, the results speak for themselves and our talented students are able to practice performing in public weekly at school assembly’s and events. It’s time for their hard work to be recognised and we’re hoping to see some great success in the festival” added Mr Curd, Head of Music at Buckswood.

We have students entering the following categories: Transitional Piano (Any age), Elementary Piano (Any age), World Music (Any Age), Strings Beginners – Violin Viola Violoncello Double Bass or Harp, Chamber Music (Any age), Strings Duets Accompanied (Age under 15), Strings Recital (Any age), Strings  Gold Medal (Any age) Open, Strings Recital (Any age), Strings  Gold Medal (Any age) Open, Show Song (Age 13 and 14), Show Song (Age 11 and 12), Popular Music Vocal Class (Age 12 and under 15) and Popular Music Vocal Class (Age 15 and  under 18).

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