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Buckswood set up camp in preparation for their Duke of Edinburgh Award

April 29, 2019 11:57 am

This Sunday, Buckswood junior boys and girls started to prepare for their Duke of Edinburgh by taking a session on basic survival skills, leadership and teamwork.

The group of juniors hiked up into the wood with all of their equipment, prepared to set up an area for camp in three teams with designated team leaders and fire marshals! “Learning about the importance of each role and how to work effectively as leaders and as a team” Added Mr Graham, House Master.

The teams set up their campsite, complete with tents, barricades, camp fires and a communal area. Preparing them for the real thing, and what to expect!

The teams were then judged by house staff at Buckswood, “we assessed them on safety, creativity and organisation as they were assembling their camp” added Mr Graham.

The winners were spoiled with camp treats including marshmallows and the victorious team (Team Cauliflower) lead by Matvei and their fire marshal Thomasina, decided to share the treats amongst the other groups, showing true teamwork.

The students are excited to begin their adventure, feeling more prepared and comfortable taking on the challenge. The high spirits amongst students should last for this Saturday for International Day at Buckwood!

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