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Buckswood Music Department Blow their Trumpets for Upcoming Concert

March 7, 2019 3:23 pm

A number of promising musicians and performing arts students will be descending on The Church of Jesus Christ in St Leonards on the 19th March for the Buckswood Music Concert.

The students have recently taken part in the Hastings Music Festival and serves as a celebration of their huge success. Buckswood is keen to alert the wider community to the plethora of young talent there is within the Hastings area and is proud to share their achievements.

The standard of music making was very high this year as is evident from the performances on offer. For example: the String Quartet, ‘Strings Attached’ played Brahms’ ‘Rhapsody no. 5’ with panache, young pianists (grade 5 and 8) offered Beethoven, Bach, Ravel among others. Extraordinary talents like Jada and Steven, siblings, already play regularly at London venues and the Delawarr Theatre, Bexhill, either with the HAYSO or simply as solo performers at various embassies in front of dignitaries, and representatives of the United Nations.

Other equally advanced performers have already got their Grade 8 with Distinction and obtained their Diploma in Music, even before going on to study music as a career.

Last, but not least, the Buckswood Pipe Band, winners of the Festival year on year, will open the concert in full Scottish attire. Not to be missed! Best of all: the concert is entirely free of charge, thanks to the venue’s organisers.

The concert start at 7.30 and there is ample parking, as NHS blood donors will affirm.

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