Form 1 Trip to Italy

For many years now, form one scholars at Buckswood have been visiting the cultural cities of Venice and Florence led by the head of the junior school.
Based at their hotel on the outskirts of Venice, the students travel by express train to Florence passing through the cities of Bologna and Padova. Among the cultural treasures that they visit upon their arrival in the capital or Renaissance Italy are the Palazzo Vecchio (the Old Palace), the Duomo (the cathedral), designed by the architect, Brunelleschi and the Babtistry with its magnificent bronze doors, designed by Ghiberti.



The Piazza della Signoria offers the students an awe-inspiring array of priceless statues including the second statue of David of Michelangelo fame. This famous piazza, the scene of so many historical events, is the focal point of any trip to Florence with the adjacent Uffizi Gallery and nearby Ponte Vecchio.


The visit to Venice Lagoon, features a vaporetto (water bus) ride via the Grand Canal, to the island of Murano, where the students watch the craftsemen at the Gino Mazzuccato workshops creating Venetian glass ornaments. After lunch, four gondolas take the students on a tour of the canals under the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge, after which the students ascend the imposing campanile of St. Marks to experience the finest views over the whole of Venice. For many of the scholars, this is a unique experience and one that they will always remember.