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The Teaching Staff

A school is all about the people in it – not the buildings (even though we have a magnificent estate). The teachers are the mentors for your child. You are entrusting your child to us so that we can impart, enthuse and enlighten. Inspiring them to want to learn – not because they have to but because they want to.


A Buckswood teacher is more than an imparter of facts. At Buckswood we teach not only to pass exams, but to equip every student with a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of each subject from an international perspective.


At Buckswood we select staff that have had world experience before they teach so that they are worldly people. We do not look for teachers that have never experienced their subjects in the commercial environment. We look for industry mentors with practical knowledge of the ‘real’ world so that they can teach from a real world perspective and not just from books.


We select staff that have international experience so that they can bring an open-minded approach to education and know what it is like to find yourself in another country where people are not speaking your language.


We select staff who are passionate about achieving the best for every student in their care, getting to know every student as an individual and knowing how to get the most from them.


Every teacher has to ‘get-it’ the Buckswood way and deliver their lessons with passion. The Director’s Charter sets out ten points from selling your knowledge, making memories, to teaching a wider awareness, and teachers are regularly observed and have weekly development sessions as we seek to enrich them as well as the students – because learning is a life-long journey.


Teachers are mentors – leaders and guiders; they shape a child’s life. We all have fond memories and some nightmares about teachers from our own school days, and our career paths have often been influenced by a spark lit by an inspirational teacher.