University Foundation Courses

The University Foundation Course (UFC) in Business Management that we offer here at Buckswood School is recognised by London University Royal Holloway and accepted by around 20 UK universities.


Students have the opportunity to experience  business in action through their involvement in business enterprises and workshops, through visits to businesses and through the use of real life case studies. Mirroring a degree course, the UFC is a blend of seminars, lectures and self-study assignments that require good writing, analytical, evaluative skills and is a course-work based qualification.

Students visit businesses, for example, Brighton and Hove Albion, Chessington or Thorpe Park, Cadbury, Jaguar Landrover, Denby Pottery and JCB in the UK and we organise business trips to other European cities such as Paris. We run a range of business and enterprise workshops and take part in national competitions such as Student Investor, Young Enterprise, and the Tenner Challenge. We have an active Business Society. Our students have the opportunity to visit JP Morgan and to participate in the London Academy of Trading.

The one-year or two-year Business Foundation course is a good preparation for undergraduate study in a wide range of Business related degree courses.

The course provides a good grounding for employment in many areas, including: marketing, economics, finance, accounting, operations, human resources, and the Public Sector, as well as preparing budding entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business. In addition to completing the Business Management modules, students will be expected to achieve a level of English Language acceptable to UK universities. This may be a C grade (or better) in GCSE English Language or 6.5 IELTS.

UFC Business Studies 2018-2019


University Foundation Course: Football Studies

Football is a global game played by millions around the world, and whether it’s grassroots football on a Sunday morning or the World Cup final there’s a lot more to the game than kicking a ball around.
At Buckswood the new Football University Foundation Course covers all aspects of the game and is the ideal preparation for a football or sports related degree. Recognised some of the top UK universities, the Buckswood Football UFC combines classroom lessons with industry visits and practical course elements with additional qualifications in coaching, refereeing and safeguarding. The UFC includes coursework, case studies, presentations and a final exam, developing students’ business skills as well as their knowledge and experience base.

UFC Football Studies

The course modules

Unit 1 – The structures and roles of the various football organisations, FA, UAFA; their commitments and obligations.

Unit 2 – Football in the community – theory and practice.

Unit 3 – Football as a global sport, its development over years and plans for the future.

Unit 4 – Football as a social responsibility, locally and globally.

Unit 5 – Football  – equality and diversity (gender, age and disability)

Unit 6 – Football and the world of business.

Unit 7 – Football and Finance.

Unit 8 – Football marketing and merchandising.

Unit 9 – Football and sports law.

Unit 10 – Football and the stadium.

Unit 11 – Case study.

Unit 12 – FA Qualifications.

Unit 13 – Performance analysis, theory and practice.