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In-House Library

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol awareness

Alcohol- Drive Aware

Alcohol- fact sheet

Alcohol- Liver cirrhosis facts and ads

Alcohol- true or false

Alcohol work book


British Values

British Values- Citizenship Test

British Values- Identity and Diversity

British Values- Tolerance

British Values- What-it-means-to-be-British



Core British Values




Anti-social behaviour

Appropriate teasing

Bully busters

Bullying Poster

Bullying toolkit for teachers

Homophobic bullying

Identify bullying

Self-Esteem and Bullying

Speak Out

Stand up for friends


Dealing with Emotions

Accepting Consequences

Accepting constructive criticism

Accepting limits

Avoiding trouble

Anger- Anger management recording sheet

Anger- Anger Pie Chart

Anger-Personal Control Phrases

Anger- types of behaviour

Anger Management

Attitude Quiz

Being assertive

Being honest

Building body confidence

Dealing with accusations

Dealing with anger

Dealing with boredom

Dealing with disappointment

Dealing with fear

Dealing with frustration

Dealing with winning

Drug Quiz

Drugs and Alcohol effects

Drugs Effects

Embarrassing situations

Emotions Snakes and Ladders

Feelings role play

From Your point of view

Identifying peer pressure

Identifying stressful situations

Left out

Lost in Space

Maintain self control


Respecting others

Respond appropriately to situations

Respond to peer pressure

Respond to persuasion

Respond to teasing


Seeing red

Taking responsibility for behaviour

Teaching happiness




Diversity- Identity and Diversity


Drugs Awareness

Anti-smoking day

Drugs- Lessons in health

Drugs- Use and abuse test

Drugs- Use and abuse marks



Exploitation Resources Pack

Sexual exploitation, consent and the law



E-Safety at Buckswood


Female Genital Mutilation

FGM- The Facts


Healthy Lifestyle

Health- STIs

Healthy eating-German

Healthy life

healthy lifestyle choices

Healthy Lifestyle- Body image anxiety

Healthy Lifestyle- Body Images

Healthy Lifestyle- Drugs, what am i

Healthy Lifestyle- Bulimia

Healthy Lifestyle- Mental Health Activity

Healthy Lifestyle- Eating Disorders

Healthy Lifestyle- Positive Body Image

Healthy Lifestyle- Power, Relationships and Drugs

Healthy Lifestyle- Preventing eating disorders

mental health

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Stress and body image

Understanding body image

Using body language


Personal Development & Life Skills

Constructive criticism

Creative thinking A

Creative thinking B

Individual rights and responsibilities

Just being me 1

Just being me 2

Learning to Relax

Planning to succeed A

Planning to succeed B

Setting your sight A

Setting your sights b

Setting your sights C


Prevent Duty

Tackling Extremism


PSHE General Resources


Civil and criminal law

Internet- Be Smart

nspcc survey

Perfect Attendance

PHSE resources for Christmas term

PHSE resources for Easter Term 2018

PHSE Resources for the Summer Term 2018

PSHE education

PSHE discussion topics


trust games



Identify good or bad relationships

Relationships- Contraception

Relationships- Healthy or unhealthy

Relationships- Teenage Pressures

Relationships- Scenarios

Relationships- Safe Sex

Relationships- Sex and Contraception

Relationships- Scenario

Relationships- Protection

Relationships-Healthy or unhealthy


relationships presentation

Relationships- Presentation

STI transmissions

Talk Pants


Time & Stress Management

Stress management- Mental Health

Stress Mangement- Presentation

Time Management 2

Time Management



Explore stereotypes

Equality Code

Girls and gender inequality

Racism in Disney

Sexuality and feelings

Show racism the red card

Tolerance- Keeping-an-open-Mind

Understanding discrimination