Mathematics is said to be the only universal language, here in the mathematics department we embrace the diverse methods brought to our class rooms by students from different cultures and backgrounds.;

Our aim is to offer students a seamless passage through their mathematical studies allowing them to meet their personal goals, a good IGCSE grade through to the most advanced A level and IB qualifications sought by many universities both in the UK and Europe. We offer specialist support for those students wishing to sit the STEP university entrance examinations.

Mathematics is an academic subject which will challenge students at all levels, but we also want our students to gain practical experience outside the class room; during the summer term students can be found measuring buildings, making scale drawings, models, using video recordings of football matches to analyse performance, designing mobile phones and much more. Each year all our students participate in the UK Maths Challenge.

We carefully monitor each students progress through assessments at the end of each half term, allowing us to identify those who may need extra support, either through our personal education needs programme, our unique access time facility and focused Sunday tutorials. Our form 1 ~ 5 students have their personal progress chart and weekly targets printed inside their exercise book giving parents, guardians and agents instant feedback.

All our courses are examined by Pearson (Edexcel) or the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Our course structure allows students to move between AS and A level courses at the end of the first year of their studies. The courses we offer are –

  • A Level Mathematics (2 year course)
  • AS Level Mathematics (1 year course)
  • A Level Further Mathematics (2 year course) *
  • AS Level Further Mathematics (1 year course) *
  • Level 3 Combined Mathematics **
  • International Baccalaureate Standard Level (2 year course)
  • International Baccalaureate Studies (2 year course)
  • International GCSE

* Students wishing to sit this course must also sit A or AS level maths
** This is a new university recognised course designed for those students who do not require an A level but do require mathematics skills beyond the basic IGCSE.