Music and Drama

The Buckswood Music Department is possibly one of the most diverse on the campus. We believe that everyone posseses music; we all have rhythm because we all have a heart beating away in our chest! Without the need for words, everyone can benefit from learning to express their emotions through a musical instrument; and at Buckswood we teach them all!



Music and our love of the eccentric (We have the most southerly pipe and drum band in the UK) is an integral part of everyday life at Buckswood; everyone is encouraged to perform in public. Our ‘give it a go’ atmosphere is an invite stage!


In the Junior school we offer the chance to embark on Theatre studies. The key focus of this course is the opportunity to learn both the practical and theoretical side of the stage to uncover the secret of shining in the spotlight. Scholars start a journey towards an internationally recognised LAMDA, with Performing arts opportunities and in-school competitions.