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English has long been the business and diplomatic language of the world. Its mastery is the key to success in industrial, trade and political relations. At Buckswood, we believe that accomplished English skills underpin all else and have tailored approaches for native and non-native speakers alike.


At Buckswood we not only deliver exceptional IELTS, First, PET and KET results, we offer full immersion into English culture that makes all the difference in a world where you need to know more than grammar and vocabulary. With the formal aspects of ‘Englishness’ taken care of, our students are also prepared in the informal facets of British life through their boarding and day-today interactions. All of the Buckswood EFL teaching staff are appropriately trained and students are supported across the curriculum as well as in English lessons. The ‘learning scaffold’ around every student including the VLE, weekly reporting and Access Time ensures that every student can achieve their potential.


Intensive English Course

To learn English in a British boarding school is a true gift that will last a lifetime. We have two dedicated courses that offer scholars from the age of 14-18 the opportunity to improve their English quickly and rigorously in an academic setting. These courses run for one academic year and are designed to develop all the relevant skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Grammar. These are necessary to undertake GCSE, A levels or the International Baccalaureate in the future. We believe that the best way to achieve academically at A Level or IB is to have the correct tools to succeed. The ability to communicate in English to a high degree is one of the factors of success. In conjunction with English skills the programme develops mathematical and ICT skills necessary in preparation for the course that the scholar wishes to embark on subsequently.


The scholar will live and breathe English from day one in an intensive, immersive environment where everything is geared to the holistic development of the social and academic life of the school.


Progress Results


The Programme

•22 Lessons of English

•4 Lessons of Maths

•2 Lessons of ICT

•2 Lessons of Sport

•Saturday Morning English practice

•Native Language

•Numerous Extra-Curricular Activities