Students who are promoted to positions of authority are reminded of the aphorism: All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. A person in a position of authority can best assert that authority by example.

Our prefects are the link between the student body and the staff and should work in close liaison with the SMT, meeting regularly to discuss routine matters and isolated problems. They supervise the House Captains and Prefects and ensure that they are performing their duties satisfactorily and maintaining the highest standards in the execution of their duties.

Prefects have various responsibilities, which essentially involve them in assisting in the smooth running of the school. School prefects are responsible at all times for the good conduct of all members of the student body, but especially at times when the school meets as a unit, for example, school assembly, morning and afternoon breaks.

The prefects are chosen by the members of the SMT through a ballot and voting system using the school prefect reference form.


Prefect Hierarchy (47.99 KB :: pdf)
Guide to Being a Prefect (441.32 KB :: pdf)
Prefect Reference Form (95.86 KB :: pdf)