The Prefect System

Students who are promoted to positions of authority are reminded of the aphorism: All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. A person in a position of authority can best assert that authority by example. To win respect, one must earn respect and persons in authority cannot have ‘off’ days as far as behaviour is concerned.



Prefects must aim to be fair at all times, not to vary their standards, not to have favourites or enemies, and not to allow personal prejudices to interfere with the administration of justice. They should not make threats which they are unable to carry out. Prefects should never find themselves in a position where it would be impossible for members of staff to support them.


When a member of staff is present the student officers should refer any problems to the staff (e.g. meal times.) Prefects are reminded that they are in a position of authority and trust in the school, and as a result, a position of privilege. Moreover, their appointment has an importance for their future which extends beyond School. Employers will look at their School Record for listed positions of responsibility and indications that these have been effectively carried out.


What has been given, can also be taken away (with loss of face). Head Student / Deputy Head Student / The Head boy/Girl and his/her deputy are the link between the Student body and the Staff and should work in close liaison with the School Director, meeting regularly to discuss routine matters and isolated problems. They supervise the House Captains and Prefects and ensure that they are performing their duties satisfactorily and maintaining the highest standards in the execution of their duties.


Prefects have various responsibilities, which essentially involve them in assisting in the smooth running of the school. School prefects are responsible at all times for the good conduct of all members of the student body, but especially at times when the School meets as a unit, for example, school Assembly, morning and afternoon breaks.


The prefects are chosen by the members of the SMT through a ballot and voting system using the school prefect reference form.



At lunchtime, prefects stand outside the dining hall checking that pupils are dressed correctly and greet the duty member of staff and any guests. The school prefects may be required to assist the Duty Master at any time and to undertake supervisory duties. They attend weekly meetings with The School Director or Principal.


School Prefects also have the right to report any member of the Student body to their House Tutor.


School Prefect Privileges: Prefects may take drinks into supper. They may use the front stairs in the main house. House Captains function for the most part when their House meets as a group. They are responsible for the behaviour and table manners of their House in the Dining Room and for ensuring that food is fairly shared out. They supervise prep in the designated House prep room.


They are responsible for discipline and enforcement of school rules in the House Dormitory. They organise teams for House matches and assist in the supervision of estate duties. They assist the DT (Duty Teacher) for securing the school at the end of the day when their House is the Duty House and they are in charge at House Assemblies handing over to House Tutors when the House is assembled.


House Captains do not have the right to give punishments. They have authority to reprimand members of their own House. Serious and persistent offences should be reported to the House Tutors.


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