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The Buckswood Foundation

Buckswood really does open the door to a world of opportunity, and through the Buckswood Foundation we can all ensure that these opportunities will be available for those who will make the most of this most magical gift for years to come…


Since 1933 Buckswood has been preparing students for life and instilling in them qualities that bring them success and fulfilment in life, both academically and personally.


Our ‘brand’ of education, that we call the ‘Buckswood Difference’ is a magical mix of everything a Buckswood student encounters along their journey of discovery through to graduation and beyond. We have seen the magic of this spell cast over generations of Buckswoodians who have gone on to do great things and change the world for the better. From the inspiring surroundings and facilities we offer, the plethora of enriching opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom to the warm, family atmosphere, everything we do at Buckswood is designed to build confidence and bring out the best in every single Buckswoodian – whatever and wherever that ‘best’ lies.


As the school prayer says, our duty is to cast the net of opportunity so wide that no talent has a chance to escape. We value talent in whatever form it takes, be it on the sports field, science labs, musical rehearsal rooms or at aloft a horse! As part of our ethos we encourage every student to be adventurous and be unafraid to give things a try and instil in them a can-do attitude; because that is what they will need to succeed later in life. This courage will take them farther in life and from the moment they enter the school they are taught to take on the big boys, punch above their weight and win, because there is no escaping the fact that life is competitive and you have to believe in yourself before you can expect others to do the same.


But at Buckswood, these opportunities are not only open to the privileged few. The Buckswood Foundation has been supporting many families with scholarship and bursary awards to make the Buckswood Difference more accessible to more people from a wide range of backgrounds, because at Buckswood life is not about where you have come from, but where you are headed.


We don’t have a PTA or a ‘friends of’ at Buckswood, because we encourage all of our families and Old Boys to support the Foundation in its endeavours. It is a cornerstone of our philosophy that everyone has a duty to give back, but this does not just mean money, but also in time and effort. A chocolate cake for the boarders or an invitation to a great British Sunday lunch is of far greater value than a quid in the tin on mufti-day! You may be in a position to take a work-experience student or give some career guidance. We are all part of the Buckswood family and you can help give a leg-up to the next generation…


You are one of the lucky ones who have been touched by the amazing experience of a Buckswood education for yourself or a loved one or by being impressed by something we have achieved, and so we invite you to leave your own personal legacy and help the next generation of Buckswoodians.


Supporting the Foundation is simple, either use the link below to make a contribution, or contact the school at pr@buckswood.co.uk to let us know how you would like to become involved.

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