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Old Buckswoodians

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Given its eighty year history, the Buckswood family tree is an indispensable resource for younger members needing a leg up in any chosen career… Buckswood has OB’s all over the world who are more than willing to help and advise, and likewise often return to the Director for advice at various stages of their lives or careers. 


The OB network is proof of the value in the preparation for life we give to every Buckswoodian. Time after time, when a current Buckswoodian has found themselves stranded at an airport, in need of a work experience placement or an OB looking for a new recruit, a call out via social media or an email to the Director has set the wheels in motion and help is quickly at hand.


An old boy thinking outside the box… https://www.africlaim.com/