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Advisory Body – Providing advice to the proprietor on all areas of educational matters

Chair – Mr. Stuart Whorlow –  chairofgovernors@buckswood.co.uk

Safeguarding Advisor –  Mrs. Julie Reece

Advisor – Mrs. Nicola Piper

Advisor – Mr. Lawrence Walker

Advisor – Mrs. Maureen Coleman

Clerk – Mrs Anne Jeffery- clerktothegovernors@buckswood.co.uk


Buckswood is a proprietorial school, with the director of the proprietorial company (Mr. Sutton) having oversight of the school. He is advised by the members of the advisory board who provide checks and balances in helping to ensure that the school continues to grow and provides a safe and challenging environment for the students. The advisory body meets regularly to monitor the school and provide support and guidance to the proprietor.


Responsibility for the day to day operation of the school is undertaken by the 2 co-principals and the senior management team. The Senior management team meets regularly and reports to the proprietor and advisory body. There are various other committees which meet regularly and report to the senior management team to triangulate information and ensure that student progress and behaviour is being appropriately managed. The student council also meets to discuss aspects of school life and provide input on the future direction of the school.


Please take a look at the organizational chart which shows you how the school is structured, who is responsible for what and who you should speak to in the first instance when you have any concerns.