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Advisory Governing Body

Chair of Governors – Stuart Whorlow –  chairofgovernors@buckswood.co.uk

Safeguarding Governor –  Mrs Julie Reece

Governor – Mrs Nicola Piper

Governor – Mr Lawrence Walker

Clerk – Mrs Anne Jeffrey- clerktothegovernors@buckswood.co.uk


Teachers teach; leaders and managers lead and manage; governors govern. Or do they? The concept of governance has evolved over the last 20 years, and it is understood differently in different sectors.


In the corporate world, the usual definition is ‘the system by which an organisation is directed and controlled’.


Buckswood is a journey, Buckswood is a family, Buckswood is a safe, caring environment where children develop into well-rounded, well-educated, well-placed young adults ready to take on the world and win!


So everyone at Buckswood is a part of that family and we all share the joint responsibility to keep our young charges engaged, safe and on-track to achieve their full potential. To achieve this there is a clear managerial framework, where you fit in! Within the managerial framework there is a clear, transparent managerial schedule that sets out everyone’s expectations (see job descriptions online) so that everyone is accountable and appraised for their contribution.


There are clear policies that relate to every aspect of school life and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself and keep updated with all of our procedures which can be found on our website.


Buckswood is a proprietorial school, with a Director who has oversite of the school within the umbrella of the Buckswood Group which in turn is under the governance of BGE (Buckswood Global Education). In charge and responsible for the governance and day to day operation of the school are the 2 co-principals and the senior management team which consists of the heads of school, the safeguarding and boarding leads and teaching and learning lead. To keep with the development plan and ensure the wellbeing of everyone, there is a formal meeting schedule so that the present and the future are tracked and inform managerial direction.


Please take a look at the organizational chart which shows you how the school is structured, who is responsible for whom and what and who you should speak to in the first instance when you have any concerns.


The school is at present setting up a Governing Body that will ensure the school runs effectively and meets its objectives and mission for the benefit of both pupils and staff. The Governing Body has a designated member of the team to oversee safeguarding, academic and financial issues.