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About Us

Buckswood School, where every child matters…
To succeed in life you need to standout from the crowd. At Buckswood you will find a colourful, vibrant campus full of enthusiastic young ladies and gentlemen preparing themselves to go out and change the world for the better.


Succeeding in life is like training for a race, painting a masterpiece or discovering a cure for cancer. Success doesn’t come easily or overnight; it takes expertly guided preparation and a self -belief that anything is possible…


At Buckswood, our school motto is ‘we prepare for life’ and knowing that every child is different; our warm family atmosphere cultivates a safe, secure space for everyone to flourish without fear of failure, building confidence and discovering new strengths to give every student the tools to succeed. Buckswood challenges students to challenge themselves, identifying strengths they didn’t know they had, it builds their confidence and confidence is the key to their success in life. Buckswood has created an environment where everyone feels at home and is comfortable to raise their hand and ask questions; we want every student to be curious and approach learning as a journey of discovery.


The curriculum, wide range of clubs and activities, woodland activity centre and specialist sports academies takes every student on a voyage that is as unique as they are. Where ever their talents lie, their journey will tailor itself around them to bring out their best and reveal strengths that can be applied in the classroom and beyond. A Buckswood education seeks to educate the whole child, and our international family from 48 different nations widens every student’s horizons and develops within them a global understanding. Every Buckswoodian leaves with an international address book of friends and network of contacts to help them go further, get further and get ahead…


Our beautiful English country estate, small class sizes and inspiration teaching from industry professionals create an exceptional educational experience. Combining traditional British boarding school customs focusing on manners and deportment with the latest classroom technology drives every student to realise their potential and achieve their ambitions. Our aim is for every Buckswoodian to go to a top university and take their place on the global stage with the courage to change the world for the better.


To stand out from the crowd, you need to be different, confident about who you are and know that you are the best. Buckswood believes in its mantra of ‘preparing for life’: give your child the edge and chose a school that puts your child first.