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Clubs, Activities, Societies and Fraternities

Respect, Tradition, Integrity and Honour. The legend under the regal lions on Buckswood’s coat of arms reads “Ad Vitam Paramus” or “We prepare for Life”. But what sort of life do we want for our children, and what skills will they need to be successful? At Buckswood we strive to provide as many opportunities, both inside and out of the classroom, to enrich each scholar to the best of their own ability.

The net of opportunity is cast so wide that as talent is discovered, it is nurtured and cultivated so that every scholar’s potential is fully realised. We want each child to be able to stand up on their own two feet and be able to tackle any situation. Our clubs, activities and societies are a core part of achieving each scholars ambition and potential.

Most schools value their students by their abilities to pass exams, judging them on a narrow scale that they will never be assessed on in adult life. At Buckswood, we do not recognize the concept of the ‘average’ for everyone is different and we know that everyone is good at something, and we endeavour to find that something. We want our students to have a zeal for life, have passions and not be afraid to try something new, to be able to stand out from the crowd!

Through our club programme, extra-curriculum activities, societies & fraternities – scholars have the freedom to try a huge selection of activities and enrichment opportunities.

Extra-curriculum activities help scholars to:

  • Get involved in diverse interests
  • Learn time management and prioritising skills
  • Learn about long term commitments
  • Make a contribution to the school community
  • Raise their self esteem, confidence & social skills
  • Improve their emotional well being
  • Become more responsible

Clubs Sign-Up Form


Every Wednesday afternoon, lessons give way to clubs. At Buckswood we whole heartedly believe that part of a child’s education should be trying lots of different things. How do you know you’re not the world’s next number one if you’ve never given it a go? Each term, scholars select a new club – ranging from paintballing to robotics. Some of the clubs available this term include:

  • Gym club
  • Musical Horse Riding club
  • Paintballing club
  • Photography club
  • Toy Making club
  • Pony Care club
  • Robotics club
  • Rounders club
  • Swimming club
  • Tennis club
  • Volleyball club
  • Gym club
  • Musical Horse Riding club
  • Paintballing club
  • Photography club
  • Toy Making club
  • Pony Care club
  • Robotics club
  • Rounders club
  • Swimming club
  • Tennis club
  • Volleyball club

Extra-curriculum activities

We have a huge selection of activities available for all our our scholars to try. Each activity is designed to enrich scholars interests and abilities through extra-curriculum sports and activities. We provide opportunities which include:

  • Driving lessons
  • Flying lessons (Plane)
  • Flying lessons (Helicopter)
  • Archery
  • Judo
  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing


  • Fencing
  • Rock climbing
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Sky diving
  • Scuba diving
  • and more….


If a scholar is interested in an activity that we do not already offer, all they have to do is speak to the Director & we’ll arrange the new activity.


Focus on….. Flying

We have organised flying lessons and experiences for our scholars for a number of years. On a weekly basis, scholars have the chance to travel down to our local airport for flying trials in a four seater Cessna. Each scholar has thirty minutes at the controls (with the pilot!) with their two friends in the back. On landing, scholars will rotate and take off again. Each session lasts for one hour thirty minutes in the air, with three landings and take-off. This gives the scholars a fantastic arial view of the beautiful sussex countyside and the Buckswood Campus from above. The trial sessions are very enjoyable for all, something to also mention on their UCAS statements and CVs. Our flying trails can lead to scholars completing their full private pilots license.


The Private Pilots License, also conducted at our local airport, has a requirement of forty-five hours of flying with various examinations. Upon completion of the course, scholars are awarded with their Private Pilots License – an industry, globally recognised license that allows individuals to pilot any aircraft around the world*. This is a phenomenal opportunity for our scholars as it gives them a life skill and qualification that very few people hold. It also leads to significant opportunities in future life. The lessons are scheduled within each scholars weekly timetable, so no academic lessons are missed, putting emphasis on school life as well as flying lessons.


Scholars often, after only a few lessons, are hooked on flying & look to a future career as a pilot, both in the private and commercial sectors. We have a strong partnership with Airways Aviation, meaning that on graduation from Buckswood, our scholars have the opportunity to join the various pilots courses (ATPL) that Airways Aviation offers, a fast track to becoming a commercial pilot.



When our students join the Sixth Form, clubs give way to societies, as we begin to prepare them for the adult world and identify their career paths. The focus of the societies is career based; this allows students to learn in more depth about their proposed university course & career. As part of their articles of association, each society invite two speakers per year, organises a trip per term, produces a project with tangible outcome per term, writes a report per term for the society magazine, connects with a university, researches work experience contacts, runs an academic school promo/expo per year and mentors the Juniors.


Societies this year include:

  • English society
  • Maths society
  • Science society
  • Art society
  • IT society
  • Business society
  • Debating society


The school has three school fraternities and everyone must support one. The XII Club is home to all former prefects and the club upholds all school customs and traditions, including our annual special occasions. The Debating fraternity seeks to promote communication and understanding in line with the school mantra “I have no enemies I deal in dialogue”. Charity is the third important cornerstone in the workings of the school. Giving is more important than receiving, and all Buckswood students get involved in some form of charitable work (whether at school or internationally on the Swaziland charity trip for example).

Societies and Fraternities



  Clay Pigeon Shooting