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Recent University Placements

Buckswood prides itself on its university placements. GCSE and A level results area all very important however the final goal, university is where any school should be judged and at Buckswood we shine when it comes to the UCAS process and the correct placement of pupils.


We spend hours with our students counselling them and helping them in choosing not only the right course but also the university that they will enjoy, and this is not always London based! If you glance though our statistics you will find that students have gone on to study a breath of subjects, we do not hold them back in fact we encourage them to go out there and pursue their career choice from Petroleum engineering to Policing, investigation and criminology.


Each Buckswood student must feel comfortable in their choice as well ensure that the course they study has a good chance of having a career path ahead of them as well as a job at the end of it.


The Buckswood relationship does not stop when the student goes off to University we are still here to help and advice and our old boys network also helps in job placement.


    University Placements