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Pre-university preparation course- independent living skills for the transition to university…

Going to university can be as daunting as it is exciting. For the first time, students are completely responsible for themselves and for many (who rely on the magic house fairies to do the washing and tidying up) these times are unchartered waters that will throw up daily challenges. At Buckswood we take our mantra of preparing students for life seriously, and so the period after the exams have finished until the end of term is the perfect time to teach our upper sixth a few life hacks to give them a good head start at university…


From 101 things to do with mince, to understanding washing labels; the course is a fun, practical introduction to successful independent living.


101 ways to cook mince!

Life at university is all about balance and the first thing is making sure you are eating well and within our budget. This course element  takes place in the domestic science room and every student will leave being able to cook a meal that not only tastes great, but doesn’t break the bank. You will also take a tour around the kitchen cabinets to discover a few secret ingredients that can turn cheap staples like rice and pasta into tasty dishes to fill you up and keep your diet balanced.


Supermarket superheroes

In this course element students visit the supermarket to find out about budgeting and balancing your diet and bank balance. Students learn about food labelling, what to look out for and what to avoid, and learn about foods that will last and how to shop smart.


Finding your way around basic appliances

Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and even modern toasters can sometimes need a degree in space engineering to figure out, but this course element gives some basic tips on things to look out for to make sure your favourite jumper doesn’t shrink in the wash, your whites stay white and you understand what all those strange symbols mean!


Street smart

In this course element, students learn more about keeping safe and staying street smart. What to look out for on nights out, and how to keep you and your property safe are covered along with meeting the police and other bodies who can pass on valuable help and advice.


Keeping things legal

For many of our students, university is the first time that students will be truly independent and responsible for themselves and that includes making sure all of life’s necessary paperwork is up to date and in place. Specialised student bank accounts, insurances and discount cards are all out there to make life easier and this course element covers what you will need to consider like television licences, council tax and driving licences, making a check list to make sure you are not stung with a nasty fine, and collating a list of useful telephone numbers and contacts at your future university.


Being original

The internet is a wonderful tool for research, but with such a vast virtual library out there this course element teaches students how to avoid plagiarism and what to look for when it comes to identifying credible sources in your work.


It’s not what you know…

In this course element students meet with some Buckswood old boys to get some insider tips on how to get the most out of university. From surviving freshers week, meeting new people, to finding out about what societies are on offer and where to get help at university, there is nothing like speaking to someone who has recently been there and done that and asking all those little questions about the unkown.