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Exam Success

At Buckswood we specialise in finding and nurturing talent. We tailor education around each child and seek to bring out their best, and so we offer a wider range of qualifications than are available at other schools.


Be it GCSE, IGCSE, LAMDA, ECDL, there are a many opportunities for children to gain official recognition for their talents.


When scholars reach the sixth form, that talent is focussed and channelled with a view to future career prospects. Armed with an enriched portfolio of experiences, skills and qualifications, a Buckswood graduate really does stand out from the crowd and has a CV that opens doors.


No future employer expects to spoon-feed an employee, and so our young adults are given the skills required for a successful life of increased self-discipline, independence and self-motivated study. Buckswood’s 100% university entry rate demonstrates how this philosophy is working practice, with strong A level and IB options reflecting the importance of university core subjects.


    University Placements