Science at Buckswood


The science department boasts four dedicated teaching rooms, including two fully equipped laboratories, located around a covered “Sciodome”. The department is staffed by four full-time and three part-time teachers with specialists in each of the Sciences.

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We run courses at Key Stage 3 and GCSE, which are compulsory, together with optional GCSE Additional Science and GCSE Separate Sciences.

The Key Stage 3 course follows the National Curriculum and we follow the new Edexcel specifications at GCSE.

We also offer AQA Biology, AQA Chemistry, OCR Physics and AQA Environmental Studies at A-level, together with IB Biology, Physics and Environmental Systems.

Students enjoy plenty of practical work, together with investigations, competitions and project work to augment formal teaching. Students in the Junior School will also be given the opportunity to learn more about the environment through fieldwork.

The “Sciodome” also provides the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables, and also houses hands-on display items, where students can programme a robot, use a model hovercraft, make “smoke” rings, explore solar power and much more.

Students can participate in our Young Farmers group where they can care for the school snakes and chickens, or learn to look after our Vineyard and Organic garden, which provides further opportunities to get out of the classroom.

The department runs numerous educational field trips every year to enable out students to see ‘Science in Action’ and we have a ‘Focus on Science’ week.

In 2013 we achieved a pass rate of 100% at A-level and are proud to have gained places for A-level students at many top universities.



The Buckswood 'Sciodome'

Science Laboratories

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