Trail lessons

Buckswood has benefited from our partnership with Lydd Aero club (only 25minutes from school) for a number of years. We have formed a trail lesson to give scholars a flying experience they won’t forget. Three scholars travel to Lydd to spend the afternoon – taking to the skies for 30 each before the next person has a go at the wheel. This gives each pilot 30mins at the controls each before sitting in the plane while the other two students take their turn. This means each scholar will have 1h30mins in the plane – three take offs and three landings – they even get to fly over Buckswood! Trail lessons are a taster before perhaps gaining a pilots license.

Pilots license?

Lydd Aero Club is licensed to provide all training leading to both the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) and the Private Pilot Licence (PPL).

The current requirement is a minimum of 45 hours flight training, in two parts:

Not less than 25 hours of dual instruction with a flying instructor.
Not less than 10 hours of solo flying, of which five must be solo navigation.

The remaining hours will consist of either dual or solo flying, depending on the needs of the scholar.
Training is conducted mainly in Cessna 152 and Robin HR200 aircraft.
100 hours of recorded Ground School is also required and can be provided by Lydd Aero Club.

For more information, please ask!
Gaining a Pilots license while at school give you a huge advantage for later life – a particularly useful life skill! Seize the day – get ahead now!

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