Our Swaziland Charity

Every summer holiday, 30 Buckswood pupils are taken to Swaziland for a trip of a lifetime. Immediately upon arrival they are given horticultural tools and paintbrushes before being set to work getting their hands dirty – making a real difference to orphans in Africa and also earning themselves UCAS points in the process. This year we are working with yet another school to bring water to another 1000 citizens…

Whilst in Swaziland we will be conducting daily work within the school, a tour of the countries points of interest, a meeting with His Majesty The King and a visit to a game park to see the elephants and the lions. Students are also invited by His Majesty to dance with the warriors – something they will NEVER forget. Every scholar has returned having ‘changed’ having grown up, having matured.

No pupil returns from Swaziland without being profoundly affected by what they have seen and experienced, and none ever again complain of being hungry or thirsty.

For those who have joined one of the Swaziland trips, a Buckswood Swaziland tie is available from the school – please email: achieve@buckswood.co.uk

Our latest press releases including those from the kingdom of Swaziland can be found here.

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