Buckswood School in Georgia

Buckswood School – Georgia

Buckswood International School – Tbilisi (BIST) is a full-fledged partner of Buckswood School, Hastings, UK (www.buckswood.co.uk).

Founded in 2009 on the basis of UNAG International School, BIST is an international private school with the objective to prepare students for life “Ad Vitam Paramus” by unifying best practices and values of both UK and Georgian educational traditions.

BIST is accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and has been awarded with the “Best Private School of the Year Award in 2011.”

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Situated in Tskneti – a beautiful suburb of Tbilisi, Buckswood School is just 20 minutes from the center of the city.

Small class sizes allow educating each and every child with a level of personal care and attention. Whilst it is well acknowledged that academic endeavor is key, much importance is placed on students’ sporting, social and cultural development, throughout their time at Buckswood.

Buckswood School enrolls 330 students from grades 1 to 12 and provides an Early Years Foundation (pre-school) Course for 4 and 5 years old children. The educational process, whether in Georgian or English, utilizes modern methodologies. Children learn British culture and traditions before they begin learning English. In upper level classes, along with the general subjects students are taught IGCSE modern world history, business management, political English and critical thinking.

At Buckswood School students are proportionally assigned to School Houses – Kipling, Milne and Wells. School Houses compete with each other in academic, cultural and sport activities to earn house points and win special prizes.

Twice a year up to 30 successful students have opportunity to be engaged in 2 weeks academic and cultural programs at Buckswood School – UK.

The essence of Buckswood, its spirit of internationalism, courses through the veins of its academic program, as well as its sporting and pastoral provision, at all times offering a cultural vibrancy as an added learning dimension.

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